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MarketWatch Most

An Overview of the MarketWatch Most Recommended Investment Strategies

Location of Screen:  The MarketWatch Most Recommended list is generated by one if its services, Hulbert Interactive, and represents the most recommended stocks among the newsletters tracked by The Hulbert Digest; a pay service similar to Sum of Some.

Updated: Daily

Inception: The Hulbert Interactive service became part of MarketWatch in 2004 and the Most Recommended stock picks began appearing soon after

Created By: Hulbert Interactive, a MarketWatch service

MarketWatch Most Recommended Investing Style Summarized

Similar in some ways to the Screen of Screens, created here at Sum of Some, the MarketWatch Most Recommended list is created by finding the 3-5 most often recommended stock picks from the newsletters monitored by the pay service Hulbert Interactive.  They do not report the performance of the newsletters these picks come from though, so you can not tell if the picks come from winners or losers, they are simply the most common picks.