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ClearStation Picks

An Overview of the ClearStation Investment Strategies

Location of Screen:  This page represents 2 unique screens located at ClearStation, the ClearStation ClearPick and the ClearStation A-List

Updated: Continually, based on market data

Inception: The strategy is not dated, but these picks have been around since 2005 or beyond

Created By: ClearStation, ClearPicks tend to be posted by an admin by the name of roger2k.

ClearStation Investing Style Summarized

The exact algorithms which turn a stock into a ClearPick or an A-List pick are not specified.  The site states there are 34 technical and fundamental events used to narrow the stock universe, and each stock that is selected is done so due to a specific technical or fundamental change of events, or combination of events.  ClearStation specifies these 34 events as the following

Note that when Sum of Some captures the A-list picks, it does not include the Member Recommendation, Community Favorite, or Top Community Pick as these are not based on the ClearStation events

Technical Events

Fundamental Events