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Luckily, we got a little help from two guys who really know

By JC | March 17, 2012

The areas at the mouths of Red River, McAdoo Creek, Hurricane Creek and Barton’s Creek are also popular spots.At Kentucky Lake, the area below Pickwick Dam and 10 miles downstream to the Diamond Island area is one of the premier sauger fishing sites in the country. In the glory days, thousands of big sauger were caught every winter, and anglers from across the nation came to sample the bounty.Other popular sauger fishing areas on Kentucky Lake are the Coffee Landing area and the mouth of the Duck River.Generally, sauger are caught by bumping a heavy jig tipped with a minnow along the bottom below the dams or at the mouths of the rivers and creeks. The jig may weigh an ounce or more in order to keep it on the bottom in the swift water.

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