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21 The questionnaire was based on typical portion sizes and had

By JC | March 2, 2012

For this analysis, we excluded participants who had diabetes at baseline and those who reported a baseline history of cardiovascular disease. This left 13380 for analyses.Dietary assessmentWe assessed dietary habits at baseline using a semi quantitative food frequency questionnaire with 136 items, previously validated in Spain.21 In the validation study, the correlation coefficients between the questionnaire and diet records ranged from 0.45 for vitamin A to 0.91 for alcohol.21 With regard to gross misclassification, on average 3% of participants classified in the highest or lowest fifth of the distribution by food record were assigned to the lowest or highest fifth by the food frequency questionnaire.21 The questionnaire was based on typical portion sizes and had nine options for the frequency of intake in the previous year for each food item (ranging from never or almost never to six or more times a day). We used the sum of the consumption of each of several food items to estimate the overall consumption of the food group to which each item belonged (vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, fish, meats, fast food, dairy products).

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