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Results for Contrarian, Wanger, and Oshaughnessy

By SumOfSome | April 25, 2009

To avoid generating rankings prematurely, I wait to generate scores until a screen or experts picks have 5 sets of picks which have reached the 10-week maturity mark. The Contrarian, Wanger GARP, and OShaughnessy Growth investment strategies have now reached this mark, and are listed in the most recent stock strategy scores post. All three of them have thus far performed better than the S&P in all four categories: Lifetime results, Recent results (the past 5 screens), Bear market (ranking for picks made during a bear market cycle), and Bull market (ranking for picks made during a bull market cycle). The Contrarian strategy has even landed itself a place in the top 5 for Lifetime and Bear while the Oshaughnessy Growth has made top 5 for Bull. It seems that the The Street strategies which have reigned supreme for so long may have some competition.

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