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Sum Of Some knows how to return first place Google search results

By SumOfSome | February 5, 2009

Since a few readers email me to ask not about financial topics, but about the site itself, I decided I will post a few articles throughout the year which give updates on website statistics, useful finance related blogging tools, and other similar site-focused content. In this first post, I will discuss Sum of Some’s Google search result rankings and provide a few details on how I believe the site achieved such good ratings.

When our hosting provider, SynWare, set up this site for us, they introduced us to a few analytical tools to help better understand our audience, site trends, etc. These tools being Google Analytics and AWStats. Without going into further detail about the tools, I will just say that since I am somewhat obsessed with statistics, as can be seen from this site, and I quite enjoyed these.

Key Lesson Learned: Target Specific Terminology

One item these tools track are the search terms that lead viewers to the site. There were obvious search terms I expected, such as “finance screens”, “analyst trades”, etc. But the majority of terms that brought in the viewers were for very specific items, such as “contrarian investors technical indicators pe ratios”, “highest rated stocks by analysts”, and “martin zweigs fundamentals”. Thinking about it for a second, this made sense. Trying to rank highly for generic key words like “finance” across all of the Internet would be next to impossible for a small site like this. Thinking about this further, I decided to Google for a lot of the key words and phrases I felt were repeated themes throughout this site, and the results were quite surprising. As of early January, here are the terms and Google search result rankings where Sum of Some popped up:

What I found the most surprising and amusing about this is that I had captured first place rankings for terms such as “clearstation picks”, “fool top rated”, and “briefing active”, beating out the companies who created these terms! I wonder if E*Trade is mad that with all the millions they spend on marketing, I was still able to capture the number 1 Google search result without spending a penny. Maybe I should get into the SEO biz ;) But back to the point, as you can see, the only generic term I could think up to search for which Sum of Some placed in the top 10 for was “stock market screens”. All of the other terms were specific to a stock market strategy or another analyst’s terminology. Now, I have to admit, during the initial creation of the site, I did read quite a few “how to write a blog” type sites. I am sure they would all be ashamed of me for not linking to them here to boost their link count and to provide myself with link-back comments, but I am daunted by the sheer number of sites in my favorites right now, sorry, I will try to do this someday. From this reading, I picked up some other good advice which I must contribute to this Google search result success as well.

Additional Success Factors for High Google Search Result Ranks

Since I am not trying to recreate a “how to” guide, I will just quickly point to some of the additional rules I try to adhere to.