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Barron’s initiates coverage of Google and Yahoo

By JC | December 26, 2008

Barron’s, a weekly publication for investors from the publisher of the Wall Street Journal, has initiated coverage of both Google (GOOG) and Yahoo (YHOO). Barron’s is considered a very respectable publication and we look forward reading more about their opinion on both Google and Yahoo. The article being referenced has a lot of information about the environment both companies are operating in, the foreseen difficulties and opinion on who will weather 2009 better and why.

A must read article for any investor looking into investing in Google or Yahoo.

Our recent post “Goldman Shares Tumble Below Their I.P.O. Price” referred to a recent Barron’s article recommending buying Goldman Sachs’ common shares back when it was trading about 50 dollars. Today’s closing price around $76 comes at no surprise here at Sum of Some. The analysis provided back then is future indication of the kind of recommendations we might be getting on both Google and Yahoo. Their analysis and opinion on both companies are similar to ours and we agree that unless Yahoo sees some sort of M&A activity, Google is likely to Weather 2009 better than them.

Investors could look into buying Google shares and shorting Yahoo shares seeking a hedged trade out of Google performing better. Purchasing a call on Yahoo could potentially also protect against a high bid for part or all of Yahoo in case that were to happen.


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