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The best bear stock pickers 2007-01-13

By SumOfSome | January 12, 2008

Similar to the best bull stock pickers, I have created a scoring for the best bear stock pickers.  To define the bear period, I assumed the S&P grows at 10% annually.  Using this assumption, if the S&P rose by less than 10%/26 in a 2 week period, 10%/5.2 in a 10 week period, 10%/2 in a 26 week period, or 10%/1 in a 52 week period, I considered that a bear period.  I then collected all data which fit into this bear period and used the same formula as I used for the Lifetime Performance score to create a Bear Performance score, with this as the result

Screen - Analyst Score
ClearStation ClearPick 41
The Street - All Around 20
The Street - Fast Growth 18
Future Blue Chips 14
MarketWatch Most 13
Jubak Journal 12
Screen of Screens 10
MSN Stock Scouter 9
Fool - CAPS Rated 3
CNN Sivy 70 0
Briefing Active Portfolio 0
Fool - CAPS Leader 0
Peter Lynch Mimic 0
Warren Buffett Mimic -5
Martin Zweig Mimic -7
ClearStation Community -17

I will provide the full data which derives these scores, as well as consolidated scoring comparing Bull Scores, Bear Scores, and Lifetime Scores soon.

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