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Top Stock Screens and Market Experts 2008-01-06

By SumOfSome | January 6, 2008

Since the Stock Screens and Market Experts Performance (or SSMEP for short) report has been growing and is getting complex, as some of you have mentioned, I have come up with a proprietary scoring methodology that allows you to digest the results a bit more easily.  I will make a page/post later which details this method, and will still post the full report for additional detail. 

Screen - Analyst Score
The Street - Fast Growth 15
The Street - All Around 15
ClearStation ClearPick 11
Future Blue Chips 9
Screen of Screens 8
MSN Stock Scouter 6
Jubak Journal 5
MarketWatch Most 4
Fool - CAPS Rated 3
Fool - CAPS Leader 0
CNN Sivy 70 -1
Briefing Active Portfolio -1
Peter Lynch Mimic -2
Martin Zweig Mimic -2
Warren Buffett Mimic -6
ClearStation Community -16

On our screen page, you can find more detail regarding how the screens are performed, and the source of each of the screens.  This will also be updated soon to provide more depth on these screens, as well as show a history of their performance.

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