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Trade Status: SoS vs S&P

By SumOfSome | September 25, 2007

Below is a table showing the results of the picks made in the Trade Opinion postings.  Since I track how other experts and screens are performing, it is only fair I also track how SoS picks are performing.  So far, I am pleased with the results, as my picks have performed 2-3 times the S&P over the same periods!  Nucor (Ticker:NUE) is the only stock in the red right now, though it has bounced back off its $45 low.

SOS vs S&P Avgs


2w 10w 26w Annual
SOS Picks 2.84% 8.74% 14.13%  
S&P 1.07% 3.67% 7.14%  
Picks Counted 5 5 2 0

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