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Trade: Amphenol Corporation receives the green light

By SumOfSome | September 23, 2007

After some of the bi-weekly screens, I will select one stock which sticks out based on various indicators.  This week’s selection is Amphenol Corp. (Ticker:APH) at its Friday’s close price of $38.04/share.


Screen Recommendation: Looking at the status report from this week, I am choosing a stock from the recent The Street’s All Around screen.  Their current averages are beating the S&P in the 2-week, 10-week, and 26-week periods by 54%, 242%, and 208% respectively.  While I don’t expect every pick of theirs to perform this well, the math doesn’t lie that this screen has done quite well.


Analyst Ratings: MSN’s analyst report show a Moderate Buy, Yahoo’s Star Analysts report a 4/5 stars, and CNN’s analyst ratings show a Moderate to Strong Buy. Briefing’s Analyst Upgrades/Downgrades show 5 Buy/OutPerform/Overweight recommendations from different brokerages in the past two months.


Technical Indicators: Looking at various moving averages as found on BarChart, we see favorable short, medium, and long-term trends, at 80%, 100%, and 100% buy ratings.  The RSI graph shows APH has stayed below 80, the threshold for being considered over-bought, and has dipped lower recently.


Sector and Industry Performance: Looking at Clearstation’s Industry and Sector views shows that Technology is a strong 4th of the 12 sectors, below the Basic Materials and Energy sectors which have comprised the last two SoS picks.  Within technology, the Electronic Instruments and Controls industry is just below the S&P over the last 13 weeks.


Intra-Industry Comparison:   The MSN Industry Comparison slightly favors APH versus the industry; with higher profits, profit growth, and profit margins, but equal to lower sales growth and more debt to equity.  The Yahoo Industry Comparison, looking at market cap, PEG, revenue growth, EPS growth, long-term growth, ROE, and D/E shows APH at 25/71, or right at the top third in the industry.


There are some very strong indicators for this pick, hopefully it will perform as well or better than the past SoS picks.

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