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Trade Status: SoS vs S&P

By SumOfSome | May 4, 2007

Since a large focus of this site so far has been tracking the performance of professional investors and investment strategies, I figured it was only fair to also track the Trades that Sum of Some green-lights.  So far, this includes Johnson Controls (Ticker:JCI), American Oriental Bioengineering (Ticker:AOB), and Volvo (Ticker:VOLV).  Eventually, I will produce some visually appealing graphs to help present these status updates, but for now, I will continue to present them in table form.

 So far, the SOS picks are doing wonderful, all three are up over 10% since they were recommended.  This is not reflected in the status however since I only track status at 2 weeks, 10 weeks, 26 weeks, and 52 weeks.  It would not be fair to compare their current %gains as a whole since each was recommended weeks apart, so they must be compared at set intervals.  Once these picks begin reaching the 10 week mark, we should be able to see their true gains.

SOS vs S&P Avgs

  2w 10w 26w Annual
SOS Picks 5.32%      
S&P 1.81%      
Picks Counted 3 0 0 0

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