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Trade: Volvo continues to accelerate

By SumOfSome | April 16, 2007

After each set of bi-weekly screens, I will select one stock which sticks out based on various indicators.  This week’s selection is Volvo (Ticker:VOLV) at $86.89/share.

 Screen Recommendation: This stock has made its third appearance now on the Screen of Screens, having been recommended by The Street’s All Around and Fast Growth selections for three periods.  These two screens from The Street are currently beating the S&P by 2.23% and 1.85% respectively.

 Analyst Ratings: MSN’s analyst report rates VOLV as a Moderate-to-Strong Buy. Briefing’s Analyst Upgrades/Downgrades show only one analyst following VOLV and reports a recent downgrade from Buy to Neutral.  CNN’s analyst ratings show a Hold.

 Technical Indicators: Looking at various moving averages as found on BarChart, shows very strong trends: a 40% buy in the short-term, 75% buy in the medium-term, and 100% buy in the long-term, for an average buy rating of 72% based on trends.

 Sector and Industry Performance: Looking at Clearstation’s Industry and Sector views, VOLV’s Industry, Auto & Truck Manufacturers, shows a 13-week gain of 22.4% over the S&P, the second highest within the Consumer Cyclical sector.  Auto & Truck Manufacturers currently rank 7thof the 102 industry divisions, with VOLV being 5% over the average of all companies within the industry.  Consumer Cyclical stocks are currently reporting 4th of the 12 sectors, with a 10.7% gain over the S&P for a 13-week view.

Volvo has shown a lot of strength in the past year, gaining 90% so far.  There may be some doubt as to whether this strength can continue, but my indicators point to yes.  May 11th should provide some resolution as Volvo reports earnings.

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