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Screening Process

While Sum of Some makes an occasional pick based on our personal research and opinion, we firmly believe that you shouldn’t always attempt to “reinvent the wheel”. Few of us have the same level of experience and proven record of great financial investors such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and Martin Zweig. One of our key tenants is to draw on expert opinions, hence our name, “Sum of Some”. Through historical monitoring, which we will begin to publish on SoS, we have been able to track results of these screens and make rewarding decisions.

Screening Process
The current screening process SoS uses is as follows:

Note that just because a stock is placed in a portfolio does not automatically give it a “green-light”. We also believe in monitoring sector performance, technical timing, and company reports. Certain stocks from our portfolios will be compared to these additional indicators and discussed in posts on the site.

Stock Market Strategies for Bi-Weekly Runs
This listing can be found on the stock market stratgies page

Yearly Screen Sources
The following are screens created once a year and tracked by Sum of Some: