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Agreement of Use

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SoS and its contributors do not recommend or imply the investment purchases, sales, or any other actions by the reader.  SoS does not present itself as a qualified or licensed investment adviser.  Any action taken by the reader is done at his or her discretion.  SoS recommends the reader perform their own additional research and consult a financial investment professional before making an investment decision.

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User Access
SoS reserves the right to limit or remove access to SoS in part or entirety to any user for any reason at any time.  Reasons may include, but are not limited to, posting spam, harassing other users, attempting to deface or damage the site, etc.  Examples of spam that are considered unacceptable on the SoS site include business advertising, misleading information, personal attacks, solicitation, etc.

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SoS takes measures to ensure use of the site is safe, however, we can not guarantee safety of the site.

All content within this article is part of the Agreement.  Agreement details may change at any time.  The Agreement was last updated on March 6th, 2007.