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Regarding Link Sharing

Sum of Some will link to sites which provide value to our readers.  We are always looking to expand our network and our resources.  If you have a financial (or related) website or blog on which you post original content you feel would be of value to our readers, please feel free to suggest the site.  If we agree that the site is of value, we will likely provide a link in our Finance Directory.  We will not provide a link on our main page however.  If you would like a sponsorship link on our main pages, please see our Sponsorship Page.  If the site is primarily to promote financial products or services, we will not link to the site.  We always appreciate back-links if you would like to provide one.

To help us with the linking process should we decide to link to your site, please provide the following information to the above email address when you contact us:

To help you provide a link-back to Sum of Some should you choose to do so, feel free to use the following information:

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