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About SoS

Our Goal

Sum of Some (SoS) has three key goals to achieve.  The first goal, and the core of this site is to track market expert/analyst recommendations and stock screen picks, and report on the performance of these selections.  There are hundreds of people and methods that would like to suggest where you put your money, and our goal is to let you know who is worth listening to, and who will get you into trouble.  You can find more detail about this on our screening process page.  Our second goal is to provide financial education, from a beginner to advanced level.  Our final goal is to provide entertainment, through market humor and commentary.  Unlike many financial investment sites, we do not simply aggregate mass amounts of news through automated processes.  We personally review and select market news, expert picks, and other data to give the most value-add to our readers.

Our Process

We accomplish our above goal through:

Our Sources

To ensure we are capturing the complete market picture, we collect analysis from nearly 100 financial experts.  Our top 15 sources include:

Additionally, the sources for our market expert/analyst recommendations and stock screen picks can be found on the screen process page.

Our Integrity

Sum of Some’s editors are committed to delivering the best value-add content to the reader.  Each piece of market news, expert pick, or other data is personally reviewed and commented on by our editors, unlike some investment sites which simply aggregate large amounts of news via rss feeds or other automated processes.

Sum of Some editors do not make posting decisions based on their personal interest in a given stock or market view.  All postings are based on supported and referenced sources.  Sum of Some will not focus on “penny-stocks”, as this process is seen as highly speculative and is prone to great price volatility.

Our Motivation

Our motivation for this site is to grow both personally and professionally.  Each Sum of Some editor has a great passion for the stock market.  Being part of this effort allows us to focus our research and hone our analytical skills.  In the process, we are able to produce a tangible result and add value for a large population.  All of our information is presented to our readers for free.  We do seek revenue through advertising to pay for the maintenance of this site and help extend our reach.